Market Type and Revenue. 2 Minutes to Find Out Why

Steve opens the world of Start Up with great insights and process.

Steve Blank

Understanding “Market Type” can save you a ton of money and time.

This 2-minute video explained “why not all startups are the same” and introduced the notion of “market type” and described the difference between new markets, existing markets and resegmented markets.

The next video described what happens to startups who don’t understand they are in a new market.

This video describes how “Market Type” affects your revenue and your burn rate.

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Finding Your Voice

Live to Write - Write to Live

In order to find your voice, you have to use your voice.

Many years ago, when I was single, I occasionally went on dates. I remember sitting in a diner with a nice man who’d asked me out for coffee. It was so long ago I can’t remember what he said. I do remember I disagreed with him—in my head. I never said anything out loud. In that moment I knew I wouldn’t go out with him again. If I didn’t care enough to express my opinion, to show him the real me, it wasn’t going to work.

When I went out with my husband, I was full of stories and opinions from the very first lift ride. Our first “date” was a daytrip to go snowboarding with my sister. See how I care enough to tell you that?

I have struggled to find my voice as a…

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New and Exciting Times! Demands expert input as well as great content !!!

Working from a point of view of intention, imagination and experience the content here will attempt to lead and provide information that you can use to empower your life. The Information Age is well on it way, yet in the long view, I do not think we are out of the first grade by much, The Stone Age lasted centuries and the Industrial Age a fraction of the time before it and now we have enter the TIME called the Information Age.  A google search of top 10 jobs (at the moment) will return a list of computer professions needed now and in the future, up to 30% of the lists is in tech sector, as well as other jobs that demand computer technical knowledge on the lists. Another 30% of future jobs in these Top 10 lists, that demand requires filling in the future are in the medical careers calling for more dentist, doctors, and nurses. So to be clear 3 jobs in each category of computer and medical careers, take up 6 out of the 10 jobs in high demand.